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Free Puppy Introductory Grooms

In order to allow puppies to learn all about being groomed, before they need a full groom, I am pleased to be able to offer, two free puppy grooms!

The first groom  from 12 weeks (following completion of their vaccinations) and a second visit between 16 and 20 weeks, with mom/dad staying with puppy(s).

The free Puppy Groom will consist of a brush, bath and dry, nails trimmed and a hygiene area trim (if wanted/ needed). This will allow your puppy to be trained to be groomed, and will help you with any grooming/handling /training advice you may need.
*There is No obligation to continue to come to me, I just love dogs and like to help people and their dogs make the best start. I have a number of rescue dogs my self, and I wish to do anything I can to help dogs and their owners*

Dog Groomer in Lincolnshire with spaces available